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For over ten years I have done affiliate marketing on the internet and have never come across something this unique. My Vegas Business is a new and innovative way to make side income on the internet. In this review I will try to cover all the basic information that you need to know before you start making money through this product. Before I start, I just want you to know that My Vegas Business is basically an affiliate program but with a twist. You will learn how it is different from other products and why you should care about it.

I have been actively affiliating on the internet for the past decade. I am quite successful in this industry and for me this is no longer a side income. For me affiliate marketing has become a career, one in which I decide the time and my efforts and time decide how much I can make. It has been quite profitable for me and I always recommend my friends and family to try affiliate marketing because this industry is still very young, ready to be exploited in many, many ways.

During the past recent years, affiliate marketing has become quite tough and only those who are well versed in the in the advanced affiliate techniques can survive. With Google striking its fury on many blogs and websites, running an affiliate career has become impossible for the common folk. So where should you go when you know that every odd is against you? If Google isn’t problem enough, there are around 85 million other people who are competing against you. So in order to beat these people and take a top spot in affiliate marketing, it is a great idea to test and try out new affiliate products in the market. My Vegas Business is something very new in the affiliate marketing industry and I decided to give it a go. Now that I have learned the basics and the knowhow of how to make this successful, I am going to share my experiences with you. But first, let’s talk about this new system that has taken the internet by storm.

My Vegas Business; everything you need to know

My Vegas Business is basically a complete affiliate product package. The initial fee to join the affiliate program is $77 only. The different thing about My Vegas Business is that as soon as you join the program, you are awarded a place in the back office. This back office gives you access to a beautifully produced website with all the top notch up to date technology backing it. This means you do not have to create websites and write articles to get things in motion. Since everything is there, all you need to do is bring traffic to this website. When you successfully bring traffic to the website you have been given, you earn commission for every sale that is made. What makes this so unique is that you do not even have to put in any extra effort. You just need to get people on the site and everything simply ‘happens’. When you sign up, if you are a beginner, you are also given access to several training modules that will help you understand how basic affiliate marketing works on the internet. After you have gone through this training, you will get access to ‘targeted traffic’ training module which will guide you in finding the right kind of traffic for your website. This training module also teaches you where to find potential people for the website. So basically, everything is being done for, you just need to add in some time and effort and you are on your way to make a lot of money.

How does My Vegas Business work?

When you sign up, My Vegas Business gives you a readymade website complete with all the information you need. All you do is bring traffic to it. The website you are given is basically a travel portal which lets people book hotel rooms and reserve tables at restaurants or clubs. When someone books a hotel room or reserves a table, this is considered as a sale. And whenever a sale is made, part of the profit is shared with you in the form of commission. Since about 40 million people visit Vegas every year, you can understand the potential behind this huge product.

The entire booking system and process is done through an automated system installed on the website. So that is one more thing off your shoulders. So when I said that you only need to bring in traffic to make money, I wasn’t kidding. The best thing about My Vegas Business is simply the fact that the entire thing is automated and ready to go. All you will ever, ever need to do is guide traffic to the website and hope that someone books a room or table.

Another good thing about the product is customer loyalty. If you somehow manage to bring in traffic to the website, the product allows you to offer them up to 30% discount. This means that you will not only score a sure sale, but you will also turn a potential customer into someone who will come back to you in the future too! In this way, if you find customers who are regular visitors of Vegas, imagine how much constant stream of money that is for you.

The only problem so far with the program is that I still feel it’s a bit tough for newbies. Without proper knowledge of affiliate marketing, I can safely say that it will be a slightly tough job to grab the basic concepts. But with the training modules there, hopefully you should be able to grasp the entire concept within the first few days of joining in. Every commission will get you $47 or more, so the initial fee of joining ($77) isn’t too much.

Should you join My Vegas Business?

I would probably say yes. Being an internet affiliate marketer takes a lot of time and effort. Not everyone has the capabilities of creating and running websites. So if you are someone who has a skill set that perfectly matches an affiliate marketer, but do not have any knowledge about creating and running websites, then you should simply close your eyes and join this program. As mentioned earlier, My Vegas Business provides you with a readymade website so you never have to worry about creating one yourself. On the other hand, you also get an automated system that does everything from getting customer details to booking a room for them automatically. And last but not the least, the ability to give massive discounts to your customer is complete assurance that you will get customers in the future.

Do I have to pay more than the initial $77 fee?

It depends on you. My Vegas Business offer different additional products for additional fee. Here are the different programs that are available for additional fee:

Unlimited/platinum My Vegas Business- With this product, you not only get the chance to promote hotels, but also get the ability to add in restaurants, bars, clubs and other entertainment facilities to your website. This means that your customers will be able to book more than just hotel rooms. This also means more sales potential for you and more money at the end of the month. This package also gives you the ability to change the theme of the website that has been given to you. There are four more themes included in this package. It is highly recommended that you join this program if you are an advance affiliate marketer. It gives you more control and more ways to secure sales as opposed to the basic plan. Additionally, if you somehow manage to get a customer to book a hotel room, you will immediately get the ability to offer them tickets or access to different entertainment facilities in Vegas.

Access to the ‘marketing team’- If you sign up for this additional plan, you will get access to extra resources that includes flyers and banners. This gives you the ability to market the product more effectively, securing even more sales. Keep in mind that all the resources are already created and done for you. You will only need to sign up on the plan and receive your bundle.

High end training- Want more out of your affiliate business? This 8 week LIVE training program is designed for you to understand the advanced marketing techniques. If you are struggling with your business, this is an amazing refresher course that will give you more tricks to secure more traffic. But be warned, this stuff is only for advance marketers, if you are a beginner, you should stay well off from it.

In the end I would just like to say that My Vegas Business is probably the easiest way to make money online right now. This is because everything is done for you. So if you are running another affiliate product on the internet, it is time that you give My Vegas Business a shot simply because you will not have to do anything other than brining in traffic, which you already are doing with other products online.

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