Med Spa Las Vegas Offering Botox

Botox: Best Services in Las Vegas

It is but natural that as you age, you develop fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Though aging gracefully is what we all yearn for, sometimes a little help is needed to smooth down those fine lines and wrinkles.

Botox was considered a stigma initially, but now it is one of the most sought-after procedures. It is minimally invasive and is cost-effective, too. Las Vegas is the best place to get Botox done and for good reason, too. Here we have rounded up the best of the best spas and skin clinics for Botox!

Beautiful Laser Lounge and Anti-Aging

This med spa and wellness center stays true to its name! It is a full service medical spa and skilled professionals ready to assist you on every step. They have a lot to offer, from Botox treatments to chemical peels. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, putting one at ease instantaneously!

The Skin Clinic

The Skin Clinic is very popular, as it is run by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Stiles. Unlike other spas and skin clinics, Dr. Frank Stiles personally attends to his patients and never delegates to anyone else. So you’ll be getting personalized services from the doctor himself.

Furthermore, Botox is priced at 10$ per unit, which is pretty affordable. The Skin Clinic also gives out regular promotional offers which you can utilize according to your needs.

Just Face It Med Spa

This Med Spa is run by skin expert Martine Abbey and Dr. Nancy Long, so you can expect good things from this particular spa. It is as hip as it sounds! Botox injections are priced at 12$ per unit and if you refer a friend, you get 10 units of Botox on your next visit. How cool is that! Besides Botox, they also provide dermal fillers, laser liposuction and facials!

Modena Laser Center and Med Spa

This particular med spa can put your mind at ease, as it is run by doctors. Located in the Henderson area, this med spa offers Botox, skin tightening and spider-vein removal. Botox is moderately priced at 12$ per unit and you can avail various promotional offers according to your needs.

Lakes Dermatology and Spa

Lakes Dermatology and spa is very popular, as it offers a wide range of procedures including Botox. Some of the procedures are performed by Dr. Rueckl, including Botox, and some procedures are performed by the skilled technicians of the med spa. Rest assured that you are in safe hands.

When it comes to Botox, only Dr. Rueckl administers it and never delegates it to nurses or technicians. He has a high patient return rate and has performed nearly 20,000 Botox procedures, which says a lot about his skill and capability.

Reva Frey, RN

Reva Frey is an aesthetic facial specialist and one of the most popular Botox injectors in Las Vegas. She is not only skilled when it comes to Botox, but develops a good rapport with her patients, advising them on what they need. Initial consultations are free.

That’s a round up of Las Vegas Med Spa’s that offer the Botox procedure.

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