How Much Do Beauty Bloggers Make?

If you are wondering how to do a perfect Smokey eye or how to do a perfect fish braid, the first thing that comes in mind is opening a YouTube tutorial and gets the idea from there.

Well, beauty blogging has become quite a popular profession these days with the launching of new products. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing industries this year. The more cosmetic and beauty products are launched in the market, the more is the number of beauty bloggers coming up. But have you ever wondered how much they actually make? In recent research, it has been found that some popular beauty bloggers even earn ten thousand dollars in a month! That’s a huge amount.


What does it take to become a beauty blogger?

It’s not that just posting one video you are earning so much. To become efficient in this industry, beauty bloggers need to shop a lot. A lipstick cost a minimum of ten dollars. Now suppose there are 50 shades of the same lipstick, so the blogger has to buy all of them to make a perfect tutorial of the new launch. So basically he/she is spending twenty-five thousand dollars to make that one video. Well, that just lipstick. There are mascaras, foundation, highlighters and so many other products to review.

There are a lot of bloggers who get the opportunity to do sponsored videos. But most of them don’t have that relationship with brands, so they have to spend a lot to buy those products.

What top beauty bloggers have to say about the industry?

Jamie Paige is a beauty blogger who has nearly 160,000 subscribers there on Youtube. She says it takes almost six to eight hours to film a video. Initially, she had to spend almost twelve hundred dollars per week to buy a particular set of products to make videos. But after gaining popularity, there are many brands that send the new products to her. Even though she is there is Sephora twice a week to look out for new product launches.

Arieh Simon with twenty-two thousand subscribers says he spends two thousand five hundred dollars every week to buy new makeup products for making videos. His total products are worth around seven thousand dollars, among which only 20% are sponsored.

Becca Lammim has 75,000 subscribers on Youtube and she is a newcomer in this industry. She says she has to spend two sixty-four dollars per month on buying makeup products, and as she is a newcomer she does not get products for free. So as you can see most beauty bloggers spends a huge amount every year to make their collection.

Though beauty bloggers spend a lot amount on buying products, once they gain popularity, they start earning quite a good amount. Most beauty bloggers who are popular in social media earn ten thousand dollars a month. Whereas some beauty bloggers like Bethany Mota, MichellePhan, Musas, MayBaby earns more than fifteen thousand dollars a month. This amount is 50% more than what average people earn per month.

Final Thoughts

Nothing comes for free. Most beauty bloggers who are interviewed have said that they do beauty blogging to help people out and do it out of their passion for makeup. From day one no one gets popularity or sponsored products. It’s their dedication and creativity as a makeup artist that have brought them popularity and money. Get busy now and become a successful beauty entrepreneur today!

Post Author: John C. Steele

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