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Back in Time for Ninth Anniversary

First Friday Las Vegas will take a two-month summer hiatus during the slower and sweltering months of August and September. The founders of the monthly art festival that has anchored the 18b Arts District for nearly nine years have announced a hiatus of two months this summer to evaluate and address rising costs which started this year. Since February, Whirlygig Inc., the non-profit that administers FFLV, has seen their costs double, mainly due to their success in bringing crowds downtown to peruse and purchase artwork by up-and-coming local artists. The festival will return in October to celebrate its ninth anniversary.

“First Friday has grown so quickly that expenses for putting on the event are now double what they were six months ago,” said First Friday founder and President of Whirlygig Inc., Cindy Funkhouser. “We’re working on a sustainable fundraising plan for the continued success of the event. We will take this time to fine tune the event and are working closely with the City to that end.”

Expansion of the outdoor festival area, which begins near Casino Center and Charleston and extends South for several blocks, and increasing security requirements due to larger than ever crowds are two of the contributing factors leading board members to make the decision to give the festival this summer vacation.

“This is not a bad thing,” said Funkhouser. “What began as a mission to provide a venue for

artists one day a month has grown into a thriving art scene with great restaurants,

bars, galleries and other businesses downtown! Now we need to take some time to

consider how popular First Friday has become and how it should continue to grow safely and

sustainably." Come check us out in October, 2011.



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