5 Reasons To Launch Your Beauty Blog on WordPress

There are lots of ways to get traction on the internet doing what you love. With social sites becoming even more ubiquitous, people are using them to share every bit of their life. With a WordPress blog to share on these sites, you can quickly gain a following and get your brand out there. If you are wondering why WordPress and not any CMS, this is the article for you. We have come up with five reasons why you should consider sharing your love for beauty using a WordPress blog;

  1. It is much easier and comes with more variety

Creating a WordPress blog is embarrassingly easy; you should have yours running in no time. Aside from the ease with which you can create your own site, you will also find a wide variety of themes to choose from designed for a blog like yours. There are a lot of these sites out there and you will notice from each that there is a lot you could do with the themes you get on WordPress.

2. SEO friendly

SEO still remains right up there with the most recent tools when it comes to page ranking on search engine results. With a solid plan that maximizes on SEO, you can reach a niche audience that is targeted at your area of expertise. The code used on WordPress is some of the best you will find on the internet, and it produces semantic markup. It’s very friendly to search engines, allowing you to do a lot in terms of SEO. It is also the reason WordPress ranks higher than other sites. There are step-by-step guides out there that can help you use this to the max.

Security is prioritized

It is yet another aspect about the site that puts it at the top of the pile if we are talking blogging. Though the internet can be treacherous, you will have the best protection running your site on WordPress. You also have a lot of choice for the level of security you want.

Lots of plugins to play around with

WordPress is designed for the regular folk who just want to get their wares to prospects without all the programming jargon getting in the way. The plugins add more than a few options for functionality; they can transform your site into something totally suited for your kind of content. With WordPress, you can make more than just a beauty blog all the while using straight forward prompts that make the whole task a breeze.

Free open source software

There is nothing like free software-there are often a lot of hidden prices to contend with. This open-source software has been out there since 2003 and has undergone a lot of improvements from a dedicated community of developers through the years.

There is a lot more to like about the platform that you will discover as you create your beauty blog. You just have to keep up with the new
ways of using the CMS and you should create the blog you envision when you think of taking your trade online.

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Post Author: John C. Steele

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